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Born in Australia on March 01, 1980.
Passed away on May 28, 2007 at the age of 27.
dwaynes death
On the 28th of may, Dwayne and his so called friend Tommy spent the day at Dwaynes house having a few drinks and listening to music, they were having a really good day,they decided to go for a walk to the local store,there was a public phone box out the front ,Dwayne decided to call me, that was at 5.31pm unfortunatley i missed that call, Robert lovett who only three days earlier had threaten to slit Dwaynes throat for not giving him a bourbon, walked out of the store,Tommy was talking to robert obviously telling him stuff about Dwayne,so when Dwayne put the phone down Robert approached him and a slight altercation has taken place,at no time was there any punches thrown or any thing just a few words,then the son of a bitch has pulled out a knife quickly Dwayne didnot have a chance to see it coming and the bastard stabbed him in the jugular,almost exactly what he threatened to do three days before.Then like the maggots that he and his so called friend Tommy are they ran off leaving Dwayne bleeding to death,he had to stagger and get his own help from the store where he colapsed and died  paramedics revived him at the scene,but he died later in hospital,police believe he was stabbed at 5.40pm, if only l answered his phone call maybe we would have still been talking on the phone and it may not have happened.if only........
if only we could turn back time
dwayno if i could take all the pain and terror away that u must have felt that night,u know i kills me to think that u died alone,my heart is truly shattered my beauiful boy.
the heart truly does break

A Mothers loves is something that no one can explain,It is made of deep devotion and of sacrifice and pain,It is endless and unselfish and enduring come what may For nothing can destroy it or take that love away......

that terrible night
this was the terrible night of may 28th 2007,the night our lives changed forever,when i read the headlines the next day,i truly did not believe what i was reading,and that it was my beautiful son that they were talking about,these headlines still haunt me,and always will.Dwayne i love and miss you so very very much,may you now rest in peace with your nan who loved you dearly,until we are together again... your heart broken mum xxxx

A couple of days later they arrested an ANIMAL named ROBERT SHANE LOVETT for dwaynes murder, the guttless piece of shit was hiding at a friends house, police took him into custody where he is still today,waiting for a trial date to be set.i can only hope that this guttless bastard gets a long sentence,because his arse is ours when he gets out,and god wont be helping him none,all i can say is he better pray for a long long sentence.

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