Dwayne Sherri
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my beautful duey  
Duey u have left so many memories  i wouldnt change them for the world,.your brother and sisters miss u more than words can say,and your cousins, aunties,uncles, stepdad i hope u know how much u were truly loved,and so sadly missed,i know you knew that.. guess i need to keep reasuring myself,i need you to know just how much you are and always will be loved and missed,if tears could build a staircase and memories a lane i'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.i love you my baby boy,we will meet again in gods kingdom and be together again. your heart broken muma xxxx THIS IS DWAYNE AND FAMILY FRIEND DANIEL
may god watch over my boy  

forever young  

rest in peace my angel  


Dwayne Daniel Sherri was born weighing 8lb 7oz on March 1st 1980, to parents Danny and Debra. He has a younger brother Bradley who is now 24 and 2 sisters Leisa 21 and Kiara- Starr 13. He didn't sleep well as a baby but made up for it as he grew older, he would often be in bed at 9pm.He grew up in Melton,Melbourne, Australia. Dwayne was very popular with his school friends and teachers. Many friends he made from pre-school to high school were still his friends til the day he died. Dwayne loved motorbikes and nagged his mum until he got one. He was so happy on that day. He would ride around and around the backyard, cos his mum wouldn't let him ride on the road , after all he was only 12 years old lol. He loved all animals, he was thrilled when he got his beloved staffordshire bullterrier that he named Sass.He loved her so much and was devastated when she ran away one day and never came home........... He was really excited the day he got his car license, he was finally legal to drive at age 18, only problem was he must have thought cars run on fresh air as he was constantly running out of gas. He was always calling his mother late at night to rescue him when his car broke down, she always knew when the phone rang late at night it would be him saying'' Hey ma, can you do me a huge favour, come pick me up, my car is out of gas, and i'm miles from home''.... and she always did............... Dwayne lived for his family and his music they were the two most important things in his life. From the time he could walk he loved 80s hard rock as his mum would play it 24/7. He played guitar and enjoyed his music until the day his life was stolen. A few months before he died he got a new staffy dog named The Deakstar and he would say ''he is just a man in a dog suit,''they were best friends... If Dwayne could choose the perfect day, this is what it would be. Taking the deakstar for a walk, drinking bourbon with his friends and having a smoke listening to music, that would be his perfect day. He wouldn't want anything more or anything less. He was a simple man with simple needs, MAY  the devil dance with the soul of that bastard Robert Shane Lovett. May he rot in hell for eternity.... 
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